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PetLinx is a professional, simple to use software package designed to be the complete solution for pet grooming, boarding kennel and cattery, and dog daycare businesses.

PetLinx can be used in two different ways:
Installed on your own Windows computers, or Macs with Windows emulation (the Single User and Network Editions)
Hosted on our servers and accessed via internet from Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android (the Cloud Edition).

Get Organised

The Customers & Pets form in PetLinx is unique with all customer data (pets, groom styles, appointments, invoices) visible in one place, rather than being buried under multiple screens.

The powerful scheduling calendars provide a comprehensive overview of your bookings at a glance.

Detailed RecordsEasy Scheduling
Get Organised

Find Sales and Marketing Success

Find Sales and Marketing Success

Keep clients coming back and reduce no shows with instant SMS notifications sent straight from your computer.

Email marketing is a total breeze. Contact your whole client base at the click of a button.

Statistics TrackingOnline Marketing

Easy To Master and Ready To Grow with your Business

No manual required! Dive right in with our tutorials to get up and running in no time, and we’ll be here to help if needed.

Start with one or more modules, and add more as your business grows or needs change.

User FriendlyPersonal Growth
Ready To Grow With Your Business

Free Trial Available!

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What Do Our Customers Think?

Below are some testimonials from our valued clients about their experience using PetLinx.

Globally Recognised Multi-Lingual Software

Used by businesses in 35+ countries, with international support.

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When you purchase PetLinx 5 for the first time or upgrade from an earlier version, we will provide you with one year of the Support and Updates Subscription. The subscription provides you with free support via email, phone, Skype, or remote internet connection, and access to minor program updates. The following lists the current support status of all PetLinx versions released to date.

If using PetLinx Cloud, the Support and Updates Subscription is included in your monthly charge.

PetLinx Version
PetLinx 5
One year included from date of purchase; purchase of Support and Updates Subscription is required if expired.
PetLinx 4
Purchase of Support and Updates Subscription is required if expired.
PetLinx 1, 2, & 3
Unsupported; existing customers should purchase PetLinx 5.

Renewal of your subscription provides you with a further 12 months support and program updates for your PetLinx version. It is priced as follows and can be purchased on our Online Store:

PetLinx Edition
Single User Edition
Network Edition
  first two licenses,   each additional license

The renewal of your subscription provides you with the following benefits:

  • Access to PetLinx updates, containing the latest features and fixes
  • Priority response to your enquiries including after hours and weekend support (where possible)
  • Remote sessions for support resolution or training assistance
  • Easy creation of support requests from within PetLinx
  • Diagnosis and correction of issues specific to your database and installation

Please note: Our support is limited to matters directly relating to the PetLinx program. We will not be able to assist with other software (including software integrated with or opened from PetLinx and anti-virus software) or hardware (including printers, cash drawers, scanners, modems/routers) unless that hardware has been purchased from us.

If expired, your subscription is extended for up to 3 months by upgrading from the single user edition to the network edition, by purchasing an additional module, or by purchasing another licence for the network edition. If you don't wish to renew your subscription you can also purchase a one-off support request per specific incident you are encountering.

Lost Serial Numbers

Re-issuing of lost PetLinx serial numbers incurs an administration charge if you don't have a current Support and Updates Subscription. Serial numbers can only be re-issued for customers using PetLinx 4 or 5 and can be purchased on our Online Store (choose "Purchase of additional software modules, support renewal, and other services", tick "Re-issue Registration Details" then complete the order).